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BC Teachers have decided, in a province-wide vote, to support the recommendation of the BCTF Executive Committee that teachers comply, under protest, with the order of the Labour Relations Board. The vote was 83% in favour with 10,276 voting Yes and 2,097 voting No. The BCTF will cease and desist from advising members not to administer the Foundation Skills Assessment test.

“We will be making it clear to parents and the public that we are in no way agreeing with, or are less concerned about, the tests and their continued use and misuse. We are disappointed that the government has chosen to ignore our professional concerns and advice on the use of the FSA,” said BCTF President Irene Lanzinger.

“Teachers have serious concerns about the impact of the FSA on students and on public education. The minister of education could have dealt with this significant issue in a positive, proactive manner, but did not do so. Rather, she sat back while the BC Public School Employers’ Association took teachers to the Labour Relations Board.”

Lanzinger thanked the members of the BCTF for their courageous stand based on their beliefs.

“Teachers have put a great effort into speaking up for their students and will continue to do so.”

Teachers firmly believe that FSAs do not help students learn or teachers teach. They are not used for report cards or to diagnose learning problems. The results are not used to determine which schools may need extra resources. FSAs take valuable time and precious resources away from teaching and learning.

This vote does not end the BCTF’s campaign against FSA testing. “Even though the FSAs are going ahead, we cannot in good conscience recommend that any parent support the administration of the FSA to their child. We recommend to parents that they write a letter to the principal requesting that their child be exempted from FSA testing.”

Lanzinger said the BCTF will continue to press for further meetings with the minister to seek a resolution to this issue.

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For more information, contact Geoff Peters, Communications and Campaigns, at 604-871-1872 (office) or 604-785-4096 (cell).

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