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Motions passed by the BCTF to support LGBTQ Students and Staff

(All of these appear on pages 84, 145 and 152 in the 2010/11 BCTF Member’s Guide) 

C.  Social Justice POLICIES

12.25—That the BCTF is opposed to:
(a) using and/or promoting reparative therapies aimed at changing lesbian, gay or bisexual students’ sexual orientation; and
(b) referring students to therapists who promote and practice reparative therapies.
(Nov. 00 RA, p. 5)

34.157―That the BCTF support Bill C-389 and urge the Federal Government to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to protect trans-identified people by explicitly adding gender identity and gender expression to the prohibited grounds for discrimination within the act. (June 10 RA, p. 17)

41.C.03—(a) That the BCTF actively support the establishment of Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) support groups in middle and high schools throughout BC;
(b) That the BCTF actively encourage local leaders to facilitate the establishment of Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) student support groups in middle and high schools in their locals.
(00 AGM, p. 18)

41.C.05—That locals of the BCTF be encouraged to work with school boards to develop and implement policies that will facilitate the use of learning materials that convey inclusive and positive portrayals of same-sex families.
(Jan./Feb. RA 03 p. 19)

41.C.07—That members of the BCTF be encouraged to address same-sex family issues in their classrooms in the context of relevant curriculum.
(Jan./Feb. RA 03 p. 19)

41.C.09—That in consideration of the implications of the Supreme Court decision, the Ministry of Education undertake a progressive leadership role in addressing the issues of same-sex families and sexual minority students.
(Jan./Feb. RA 03 p. 19)

41.C.11—That the local social justice contacts and committees are the driving force in developing the Federation’s priorities and actions in social justice, and that the social justice work of the Federation be premised on this tenet.
(Feb. 04 Ex, p. 8)

41.C.15—That the BCTF encourage locals to include a social justice budget line when building their annual budgets.
(June 05 Ex, p. 20)

41.D.10—That the BCTF encourage sponsor teachers to support pre-service teachers to integrate social justice issues into their practicum teaching.
(08 AGM, p. 25)

41.D.12—That the BCTF encourage locals to work with school districts to develop and implement discrete policies on LGBTQ harassment and discrimination.
(08 AGM, p. 25)

Social Justice PROCEDURES

34.20—That the BCTF condemn homophobic acts. (93 AGM, p. 13)

41.C.02—That locals have autonomy to create a local social justice structure that meets the needs of the local.
(Feb. 04 Ex., p. 8)

41.C.06—That the BCTF and its locals actively lobby school boards to develop and implement policies designed to protect teachers from harassment based upon their real or perceived
sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
(Jan. 07 Ex., p. 2)

41.C.08—That the BCTF publicize with the membership that antigay slurs and homophobic incidents directed towards teachers by their colleagues are a form of harassment.
 (07 AGM, p. 22)

41.C.17—That local unions work with school districts to develop or review anti-homophobia policy to ensure that these policies include a requirement that all homophobic incidents at schools and other worksites be reported to the district and that action be taken on these incidents.
(June 06 RA, p. 14)

41.C.19—That locals work with school districts to develop or revise anti-discrimination and equity policies and education practices to ensure they are consistent with the BC Human Rights Act and School Act.
(June 06 RA, p. 15)

These policies should inform the work you do within your zone or local. You may also use them as reference points for lobbying your local to effect change in a given area. 

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