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February is Antipoverty Month. At the 2015 BCTF AGM, the following resolution was passed:

Resolution 156—Child Poverty Awareness Month: That the BCTF encourage members to recognize every February as Child Poverty Awareness Month, and take steps individually and/or as part of their social justice network to help eliminate child poverty in BC.

The members of CASJ's Antipoverty Action Group have compiled a list of resources to help teachers address issues of poverty during Antipoverty Month.

Each week will focus on a different theme. Resources for each week are available by clicking on the link.

    Week 1: Poverty in BC public schools 
                  (resources, infographic)
    Week 2:
Hungry families 
                  (resources, infographic)    
    Week 3:
School fees and adequacy of resources 
                  (resources, infographic)
    Week 4:
Poverty reduction plan 
                  (resources, infographic)

Poverty and Education research: A teacher’s perspective

BCTF Research, in collaboration with the Anti-poverty action group of the Committee for Action on Social Justice, conducted focus group research and a provincial survey on poverty and education issues, from a teacher’s perspective. More...

The BCTF Antipoverty Social Justice Action Group

The BCTF has created an antipoverty social justice action group to help support you in your work as teachers or social justice activists. One of our goals is to gather resources and share information with teachers.


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