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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 3, November/December 2004

Decisions of the October 2004 Representative Assembly

Disposition of the BCTF Democratic Fund
That the 2004 fall RA recommend to members that the 2004–05 college fees that were paid to the BCTF Democratic College Fund be returned to individual members who contributed to the fund.

Payment of college fees
That the 2004 fall RA recommend to members that as an interim measure, BCTF members pay the 2004–05 BC College of Teachers’ annual fee and that the BCTF initiate an ongoing review of that decision.

Interest on money
That interest on the money collected in the BCTF Democratic College fund be donated to charitable women’s and children’s agencies and that the decision as to the distribution of these funds rest with the BCTF Executive Committee, with a report to the membership.

Connected magazine
That the 2004 fall RA recommend to our BCTF-endorsed councillors to the BCCT that the BCCT publication Connected be discontinued.

Receipt of per diems
That the BCTF college councillors not accept a per diem for attending BCCT functions except for expenses in accord with the practice of BCTF-elected representatives at both the local and provincial levels.

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