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December 11, 2007

BCTF supports union boycott of Sears Canada


The BCTF is asking all members to support the national boycott of Sears Canada endorsed on November 28, 2007, by the BC Federation of Labour at its annual convention.  Seventy-seven members of the IBEW, employed as service technicians,  have been locked out of their jobs since October 1, 2007. 

As of that date, Sears Canada imposed a collective agreement on its employees—with no negotiated wage increase, cuts to holiday time, and a longer work week with no overtime pay.

The BC Federation of Labour passed an emergency resolution supporting the workers’ call for all union members in the country to boycott Sears. The BCTF fully supports the boycott and asks all members to refuse to shop at Sears until the locked-out workers achieve a satisfactory resolution in their dispute.