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January 31, 2008

Struggle to keep class size and composition at top of round-table agenda


Report on a meeting of the Learning Round Table held January 29, 2008

BCTF President Irene Lanzinger had to remind education partners why the Federation joined the Learning Round Table: Teachers returned to work following the 2005 strike on the promise that the Learning Round Table would resolve issues of class size and composition. Class size and composition are still uppermost in our minds as we struggle to maintain productive learning environments in our classrooms.

The BCTF proposed that, during consultations, principals must have resources available to address classroom situations that teachers identify as unsatisfactory learning environments. No other education partners agreed with this proposal. The president of the BCPVPA said that he did not believe that resources should be set aside for that purpose.

The BCTF has consistently pressed the government to make significant improvements to class-size and composition legislation and to provide the much needed funding to make the legislation work.

Neither the minister nor any of the other partner groups have expressed support for the Federation’s plea for improved legislation and additional funding.

This weekend, the BCTF Representative Assembly will be discussing our ongoing participation at the round table.