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BCTF School Staff Alert


September 2, 2008

Urgent information on new consent and consultation process


The BCTF Executive Committee recommends that members adopt the following position in dealing with class size and composition (based on the new government regulation regarding consent/consult):

• that members continue to participate in the consent/consultation process.
• that Bill 33 limits cannot be exceeded until the consent/consultation process is complete.
• sign on to the provincial grievance if limits are exceeded before the consent/consultation process is complete.

Members should request that information relevant to a proposal for the size and organization of their class(es) be provided in writing by their principal, and

1. use the two-day consultation period to:

  1. record information regarding the consultation process on a Report to Local Office of Bill 33 Consultation Form (available from your local office/staff rep).
  2. raise any concerns regarding the learning situation for students.
  3. request the provision of additional resources as required to ensure the class is appropriate for student learning.

2. report any violations, including lack of meaningful consultation, by signing on to the provincial grievance using the Class Size and Composition Provincial Grievance Reporting Form (available from the local office/staff rep).

3. that teacher counsellors not participate in organizing classes that exceed School Act limits without direction in writing from an administrator.