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October 9, 2008

The Teachers' Pension Plan and current market volatility


These are challenging times and the current market volatility is expected to continue into 2009.

Rest assured that your pension funds are secure!

The Teachers’ Pension Plan has been expecting this market correction for some time. Its investments are well diversified across a wide range of asset classes including cash, government bonds, stocks, real estate, and infrastructure (utilities, roads, bridges).

Further our Plan is not exposed to the risky products at the root of the current market upheaval (i.e., subprime mortgages, non-bank sponsored asset-backed commercial paper, credit default faults, or hedge funds) nor does it use leverage or borrowing in the public markets.

However, our Plan is not immune from the broad market impact. Short-term volatility will impact its performance, but our Plan invests for the long-term. Those long-term investment returns remain strong and so our Plan is well-positioned to weather the current market upheavals.

For further information on TPP investment information, visit the Teachers’ Pension Plan investment website at or the BCTF pensions web page at

Look for a more detailed report in the October edition of the Teacher newsmagazine.