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December 4, 2008

What does the vote mean?


The wording on the ballot for the vote on FSAs to be held on December 9 and 10 will read:

“Do you agree with the 2008 AGM decision that unless the Ministry of Education changes to a random sampling with neither schools nor students identified, teachers exercise their professional autonomy and not prepare for, administer, or mark the provincial FSAs?”

This is not a vote to withdraw services or walk off the job. Members will be in school and performing their regular teaching duties.

In our view a refusal to prepare for, administer, and mark the FSAs is a right of teachers in exercising their professional autonomy.

As a result of being the lowest-ranked school in the province…nothing happened at that school—not an extra book was added to that library; not an extra teacher was given to that school. Nothing happened to help that school improve its results. I don’t know what the FSA is for other than to help people in affluent neighbourhoods list their houses for higher prices. 
Christina Schut, Vancouver

Teachers in schools already do a wide range of assessments to gauge where students are at, how students are progressing, so that we can be creative and adaptive to the needs of the students in our classroom. The FSA doesn’t give us that capacity.
Glen Hansman, Vancouver