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December 11, 2009

A YES vote:


A province-wide vote of the membership of the BCTF has shown that thousands of teachers are determined to exercise their professional autonomy and to end the practice of administering the Foundation Skills Assessment, unless the minister adopts a random sampling method.

“It is clear that members are prepared to stand together in defence of public education,” said BCTF President Irene Lanzinger.

After many unsuccessful efforts to get the provincial government to abandon, or at least modify, the use of these tests, teachers voted 85% to not prepare for, administer, or mark the FSA: 19,027 voted YES and 3,370 voted NO. This decision is the result of careful deliberation and thorough debate.

Teachers know first-hand that the FSA is damaging to students’ learning and to teaching, and that the use of the results to rank schools is unconscionable. Like other jurisdictions that have begun questioning the use and value of such tests, teachers want this government to end the practice and recognize that the most effective means of student assessment is the classroom teacher deciding on the most appropriate means of measuring and reporting on student achievement.