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January 22, 2009

Where's the minister?


The minister of education is ducking her responsibilities in responding to the concerns of teachers over the FSA, and attempting to shift the onus for resolution onto teachers and boards of education.

The government imposed the FSA on the public education system and it has the power to change that.
The minister of education has said she does not want the present situation to escalate, so here is what she needs to do:

  • Administer the test on a random sample basis.
  • End the ranking of schools, just like the minister of health does not allow the Fraser Institute to use data to rank hospitals.
  • Stop publishing results of schools by name.
  • Provide extra resources to assist schools facing challenges.
  • Encourage teachers and boards to use diagnostic measures that help serve the needs of individual students.
  • Support and value the work that teachers do in meeting the diverse individual needs of all students.
  • Respect the professional judgment of teachers and others who work in the field of education.