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January 26, 2009

It’s happened before: FSA advice


All members are asked to review the following advice regarding the FSA testing period:

  • Letters of expectation and direction are not in any way disciplinary and members should not respond to them.
  • Individual teachers should not meet with their principals to explain the reasons for not administering the tests.
  • Should a principal request a meeting with Grades 4 and 7 teachers, that request should be referred to the staff rep and local president.
  • In every district the employer’s plan is for administrators to administer the FSAs if teachers refuse.

Previous experience has taught us that when the crunch comes we can expect to be faced with letters, demands, and all manner of pressures to comply. The protest of 2005, and previous to that the action we took over the college in 2003, also taught us that if we all take a stand in support of our strategy and colleagues, we are all protected. No one was disciplined in either of the actions in 2005 and 2003.