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January 27, 2009

What an insult to teachers!


You can always rely on the Fraser Institute to plumb the depths of ignorance when it comes to passing judgment on educational matters. Despite this, Minister of Education Shirley Bond has said many times she is unable/unwilling to end the institute’s pernicious use of FSA results in ranking schools. Quoted recently in a Kamloops newspaper, Peter Cowley, the institute’s “director of school performance studies” and lead FSA booster, had this to say when referring to the low ranking of Roosevelt Park Elementary School in Prince Rupert, a school universally understood to be serving the needs of its students very well:

“That tells people that, at Roosevelt Elementary, however well-intentioned the teachers are, however dedicated they are, however hard-working they are, and however much of their own money they put into the school’s resources, they have not been effective.” He went on to say that the choices were simple:

“You can hide the people who aren’t effective and make the kids think they’re just doing well, or we can open it up to the public and encourage the people of Roosevelt Park that is the way it is—now, how are we going to do better?”

Meanwhile, when speaking out on the administration of the FSA, the BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association appear primarily focused on their own time and pay:
“Given the volume and complexity of the job, it is unreasonable to require principals and vice-principals to do teachers’ work, in administering the FSA. They simply do not have the time.”

And as a follow up:
“There is already a concern around compensation, especially in districts that are experiencing salary compression and inversion between principals/vice-principals and teachers.”