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February 4, 2009

Minister disregards teachers’ concerns


The membership has decided in a province-wide vote to support the Executive Committee’s recommendation to comply with the order from the LRB under protest. The vote was 83% in favour with 10,276 Yes, and 2,097 No. The BCTF will cease and desist from authorizing or directing members not to administer the FSA. We will be making it clear to parents and the public that we are in no way agreeing with, or are less concerned about, the tests and their continued use.

It is disheartening that the government has chosen to ignore the professional concerns and advice of teachers on the use of the FSA. During the hearing before the Labour Relations Board, BCTF lawyer John Hodgins said any order forcing teachers to administer tests that they believe are useless and potentially damaging would be “an insult to [their] professional dignity” and cause irreparable harm. The minister of education has evaded any accounting for such a disrespectful attitude to teachers.