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March 25, 2009

Criminal records checks


As a result of recent changes to legislation, criminal records checks are now required by the BC College of Teachers every five years, not just at the commencement of employment. The cyclical five-year review is being phased in and started in 2008.

Teachers with surnames beginning with A to E were required to submit a criminal records check to the college by December 31, 2008. Any teachers in that category who have not provided a records check should do so immediately to avoid suspension of their teaching certificate.

Teachers with surnames beginning with F to J must complete a criminal records check prior to December 31, 2009.

If your official surname begins with F–J and you have not completed a criminal records check with the college in the last five years, you will be required to give your authorization for a criminal records check in 2009. The college will be forwarding further information to you directly if your surname is in the F–J range. You should ensure that the college has your correct address to avoid missing notices of criminal records check requirements.

For further information, go to the BC College of Teachers’ website at