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April 16, 2009

BCTF vids on YouTube


The BC Teachers’ Federation has launched two new videos on YouTube as part of our When Will They Learn? campaign. They’re called “May 12–Time to make a choice” and “Vote for public education.”

Vote for public education

May 12–Time to make a choice

These new videos feature many familiar faces speaking out for public education. At the 2009 BC Teachers’ Federation AGM, teachers voted to leave the Campbell government’s failed Learning Round Table. Seven hundred teachers then marched through the streets of Vancouver to raise awareness about the state of public education in British Columbia. It was all caught on film and is now part of the BCTF’s campaign to make public education an issue this election.

Go to the YouTube links above and then forward these messages on to all your friends, family, and contacts. Post them to your Facebook accounts, your blogs, or make it part of your e-mail signature.

You can also tell people to go to YouTube and search for “BCTFvids” where you can see all of our videos.

Pass it on. Get the message out!

When will they learn? May 12