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June 3, 2009

Administrators winning on employment


Teacher and administrator statistics, compiled by the Ministry of Education between  2001–02 and 2007–08, show administrators gained positions over that period and teachers lost.

Almost 2,000 FTE teaching positions were lost over seven years, most of them between 2001–02 and 2003–04. Although there was significant loss of both teaching and administrative positions early in the decade, administrators made up that lost ground by 2007–08 while teachers did not.

Superintendents, assistant superintendents, secretary treasurers, etc., did even better than school-based administrators, with their numbers increasing significantly.

The ratio of teachers to administrators is at an all-time low. For every 11.69 teachers there is now one principal; bring superintendents and assistant superintendents into the mix and the ratio drops to 7.27 teachers for each administrator.

As teachers did not recover from employment losses early in the decade, future job losses in 2009–10 and onward will further erode working and learning conditions. In contrast, administrators (as defined in Teacher Statistics) restored lost positions and experienced a 7.1% increase in employment since 2004–05.

Members are encouraged to keep this information in mind as classes are being organized for next year. Remember to clearly request the class size/composition, resources, and support required to ensure all classes will be appropriate for student learning.