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September 8, 2011
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LRB delivers a further decision


The Labour Relations Board issued a further decision at the end of last week completing its work on the 2005 essential services designations for teachers. At the time, teachers were protesting deteriorating class-size and composition conditions. The chair of the board was asked, at that time, to determine for how long teachers could withdraw services given their designation as an essential service.

Somewhat ironically, the LRB decided to deliver the decision just as we are embarking on Phase 1 of our present job action plan. The decision applies only to the 2005 dispute and not to the current dispute. 

The decision is little more than a set of recommendations that the present board may adopt, change, or disregard. They do not set a precedent and have no impact on Phase 1 of our present job action.  

To see the LRB decision regarding the 2005 dispute, follow this link:$2011.pdf 

Any further decisions regarding what collective job actions teachers may take in the present dispute would involve another full LRB hearing and subsequent new orders.

As of now, our LRB sanctioned Phase 1 job action is in full effect. 

Members should go to the member only portal at and click on Phase 1 job action for a complete list of the job action conditions.