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Communications and Campaigns Division (CCD)

Note: Use the area code "604" and prefix "871" with the local number for the direct phone line. 

Administrative Staff 
  Local  E-mail address  Position 
Nancy Knickerbocker  1872 nknickerbocker@bctf.ca  Director
Susan Croll 1877 scroll@bctf.ca   Assistant Director/Newsmagazine
Jack MacDermot 1883 jmacdermot@bctf.ca   Assistant Director/Outreach
Richard Overgaard 1881 rovergaard@bctf.ca   Assistant Director/Media Relations

Support Staff 
  Local  E-mail address  Position 
Lise West  1870 lwest@bctf.ca  Supervisor
Mary McClure 1878 mmcclure@bctf.ca  Administrative Assistant
Vanessa Terrell  1851 vterrell@bctf.ca  Administrative Assistant
Sarah Young
1873 syoung@bctf.ca Administrative Secretary 
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