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Staff Contacts - Legal Services Department

Note: Use the area code "604" and prefix "871" with the local number for the direct phone line. 

  Local  E-mail Address  Position 
Robyn Trask
1909 rtrask@bctf.ca  Federation general counsel

Administrative Staff
Gretchen Brown 1912 gbrown@bctf.ca   Legal counsel
Diane Irvine 1906 dirvine@bctf.ca Legal counsel
Karlan Modeste 1905
Legal counsel
Michael Prokosh
Legal counsel
Stefanie Quelch 1910 squelch@bctf.ca   Legal counsel

Support Staff 
  Local  E-mail Address  Position 
Liz Hines  1900 lhines@bctf.ca   Supervisor—paralegal
Kim Graham 1903 kgraham@bctf.ca   Paralegal
Karin Lai 1902 klai@bctf.ca   Paralegal
Puneet Mann
1913 pmann@bctf.ca
Gladys Reinarz 1924 greinarz@bctf.ca Paralegal
Liz Robinson 1901 lrobinson@bctf.ca  Paralegal
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