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Research and Technology Division (R & T)

Note: Use the area code "604" and prefix "871" with the local number for the direct phone line. 


Name  Local  Email  Position 
Kuehn, Larry 2255 lkuehn@bctf.ca  Director of R & T and the International
Solidarity Program

Information Services

Name  Local  Email  Position 
Cole, Jenn 2230 jcole@bctf.ca  Records Analyst
Harrington, Lesley 2241 lharrington@bctf.ca  Library Technician
O'Neill, Emily 2242 eoneill@bctf.ca  Information Specialist
Rojem, Karen 2242 krojem@bctf.ca  Information Specialist
Stange, David 2232 dstange@bctf.ca  Archivist and Records Manager

Information Technology

Name  Local  Email  Position 
Barnes, Mike 2134 mbarnes@bctf.ca  Systems Administrator
Borissova, Olga 2137 oborissova@bctf.ca   Systems Programmer Analyst
Enquist, Joanne 2130 jenquist@bctf.ca  Systems Programmer Analyst
Gomez, Miguel 2133 mgomez@bctf.ca  Systems Programmer Analyst
Ho, Ryan  2135  rho@bctf.ca  Help Desk Technician 
Li, Margret 2143 mli@bctf.ca  Help Desk Technician
Locke, Charlie 2138 clocke@bctf.ca  IT Co-ordinator
Purtov, Vitaly 2139 vpurtov@bctf.ca   Systems Administrator
Valbonesi, Peter 2141 pvalbonesi@bctf.ca  Systems Programmer Analyst
Veitch, Brad 2140 bveitch@bctf.ca  Systems Programmer Analyst


Name  Local  Email  Position 
Gacoin, Andrée
2254 agacoin@bctf.ca Senior Researcher 
Hales, Anne 2243 ahales@bctf.ca Senior Researcher
Kuehn, Larry 2255 lkuehn@bctf.ca  Director of R & T and the International
Solidarity Program
Liu, Paul 2251 pliu@bctf.ca Research and International Program Assistant
Rozworski, Michal
2252 mrozworski@bctf.ca
Senior Research Analyst
Vaitekonyte, Jolanta
2250 jvaitekonyte@bctf.ca  
Research and International Program Assistant
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