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Sample scenarios

The following scenarios list Teaching to Diversity web site links and resources related to specific topics. How can these scenarios help you?

  1. It will help to familiarize you with the website and where to look for specific information on a specific topic.
  2. As a ProD tool. If you are leading a group through the website, use one or more of the scenarios to lead them through a topical ‘walk through.’

Scenario 1: Primary classroom teacher, student with Autism
Scenario 2: Intermediate classroom teacher: student with severe learning disabilities/auditory problems
Scenario 3: Resource teacher: how to support classroom teachers/TAs
Scenario 4: Pre-service student/teacher writing a paper for a course on visual supports for students with special needs
Scenario 5: Resource teacher: advising classroom teachers about effective use of TA
Scenario 6: ESL students in your intermediate classroom
Scenario 7: Gifted student in your high school science classroom
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