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  • Educational Leadership, February 2007 | Volume 64 | Number 5
    A complete Volume dedicated to Improving Instruction for Students with Learning Needs.
    Includes these titles: Confronting Ableism, Discarding the Deficit Model, A New Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism from the Inside, Extending Inclusive Opportunities, Special Education: A Service, Not a Sentence. The volume is described here
  • Council for Exceptional Children has some journals available for download:  
  • Early Childhood Education Journal
  • International Journal of Special Education – libraries and individuals are permitted to print out entire issues for educational purposes. The intent is to make the journal available internationally and free of charge to everyone who is interested in special education or is a student of special education.
  • International Reading Association has The Reading Teacher and the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy  journals for download on line as a sample of their journal. Also from IRA, Reading Online:
    • Articles – Peer-reviewed articles, invited contributions, and book reviews
    • International Perspectives – Practice and research from literacy leaders worldwide
    • The Electronic Classroom – Ideas and information about applying technology in literacy instruction
    • From Years Past – Articles and features from sections included in past volumes of the journal
    • New Literacies – Discussions of media literacy, critical literacy, visual literacy...and more
    • Online Communities – Join in conversations about issues in literacy and technology
  • Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • LD Online has links to on line journals on the topic of ADHD
  • Pro-Ed Inc. – When you subscribe to the following journals, you have access to many on-line journals as well.
    • Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
      Research, intervention, and practice in speech, language, and hearing; everything you need to keep you at the forefront of your profession.
    • Intervention in School and Clinic
      A hands-on, how-to resource for teachers and clinicians working with students (especially LD and BD) for whom minor curriculum and environmental modifications are ineffective.
    • Journal of Disability Policy Studies (JDPS)
      Addresses compelling, variable issues in ethics, policy, and law affecting people with disabilities; topics include education, healthcare, housing, employment, and transportation.
    • Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (JEBD)
      Research, practice, and theory related to individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders.
    • Journal of Learning Disabilities (JLD)
      Research reports, opinion papers, and intervention strategies; recognized as the oldest, most authoritative journal in the area of learning disabilities.
    • Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions (JPBI)
      Principles of positive behavioral support to use in home, school, and community settings for people with challenges in behavioral adaptation.
    • The Journal of Special Education (JSE)
      A pioneer research journal in the field of special education for individuals with disabilities ranging from mild to severe; sound research in all subspecialties.
    • Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
      Articles on rehabilitation counseling that are reports of original empirical research, essays of a theoretical nature, and methodological treatises.
    • Remedial and Special Education (RASE)
      Bridges the gap between theory and practice involving the education of individuals for whom typical instruction is not effective.
    • Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
      Designed for professionals helping young children with special needs in areas such as assessment, special programs, social policies, and developmental aids.

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