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Curriculum Framework Documents

Information regarding the documents to support Provincial Curriculum Implementation

The information around the non-instructional days has been organized into two stages. The summary of what is contained in each document is provided below, as well as the links.

Stage One document | Document première étape

The BCTF and Ministry of Education have determined the number of teachers per district who will be released for this work. In part, it was to ensure that locals/districts would receive a minimum of six teachers.

Stage Two document | Document deuxième étape

Stage Two contains an organizational model divided into why, what, and how categories. Why the change? What is it? (an overview of the curriculum changes) How can teachers begin to explore the changes? There are suggested topics in the how category so that teachers decide on the area(s) they would like to begin with. The majority of time will most likely be spent on the how category. Additionally, there will be links and video clips provided to assist the planning team in deciding what aspects they will focus on. Some myths about curriculum change will also be addressed.

This Stage Two framework lends itself to a blended approach to learning. Locals may discuss with the planning teams an approach that is a combination of large group, small group, partners, individuals, etc. 


Feedback will be an important aspect of Stage Two. There will be more detailed information coming about the process and importance of collecting feedback. The timing of collecting feedback is an important consideration and it is suggested that it be done after the final in-service day to provide teachers with an opportunity to first explore and discuss the curriculum. 

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