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The BC Teachers' Federation promotes literacy throughout the year. Teachers’ literacy tips for parents are useful all year long.


  • A Communication Framework for Family Literacy  PDF format; Acrobat Reader required., written by two speech language pathologists, discusses definitions of family literacy and the role of interaction in adult-child relationships. The authors provide information and skill sets on how to plan and implement a communications framework in family literacy. References to current literature which guide the framework are included. While the framework can be applied in any family literacy programs, it may be of particular interest to those educators working in multicultural schools and communities who wish to involve parents in supporting their children’s literacy development. The publication was published with the support of the BCTF, the Vancouver School Board, and Literacy BC.

Literacy Links


  • The British Columbia Teacher Librarians' Association is a specialist organization of the BCTF concerned with school libraries, cooperative planning and teaching, literature appreciation, resource-based instruction and advocacy.
  • Decoda Literacy Solutions. On May 30, 2011, Literacy BC merged with the literacy department of 2010 Legacies Now to become Decoda Literacy Solutions. Decoda continues the work of both organizations. Their mission is “to address and support the full continuum of literacy and learning priorities identified by communities across BC.”


  • Centre for the Literacy of Quebec is a resource, research, and training centre for teachers, tutors, parents, researchers, and the public. The library collection includes materials on early literacy.
  • The National Adult Literacy Database was a federally incorporated, non-profit service organization providing a single-source, comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible database of adult literacy programs, resources, services and activities across Canada. THE NALD changed its name to Copian in 2013; that organization ceased its activities in February 2015, following the end of the federal programme that supported several national and provincial literacy organizations. Copian's digital library is still maintained by CDEACF with support from RESDAC and the Centre for Literacy.


  • The mandate of the National Literacy Trust (UK) is to enhance literacy standards throughout the UK. The web site features publications, a literacy database, and links to literacy organizations.

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