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BCTF membership

The BC Teachers' Federation is the federation of teachers' unions that represents all public school teachers in British Columbia. Teachers (including Teachers Teaching on Call) and associated professionals in the public school system are active (voting) members of the BCTF and their local association. Associate (non-voting) membership is available to teachers in recognized educational institutions that are not public schools, native home-school co-ordinators, and various other categories of people involved in education. The BCTF also offers affiliate administrative (non-voting) membership to principals and vice-principals. Various forms of honorary membership are available to persons the Federation wishes to recognize. For further information regarding BCTF membership, contact the BCTF Member Records department.

Principals and Vice-Principals

Principals and vice-principals (administrative officers) are not active members of the BCTF and are employed by individual school boards. Most positions are advertised in local newspapers. No particular certification is required beyond a BC teacher certificate, although some school boards may require specific academic credentials.

Teacher Exchange

The Ministry of Education has cancelled the Teacher Exchange Program. For all information concerning teacher exchanges or to apply, please contact the Canadian Education Exchange Foundation.


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