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Teaching Green: Integrating Environmental Justice Issues Across the Curriculum

(90 minutes to all day)

This workshop has five modules: Taking Action for Climate Justice, Food Security, Water Rights, Sustainable Resource Use, and Sustainable Transportation. Please see module descriptions below for further details. Choose one or more. Available for K–12.

Taking Action for Climate Justice
(3 hours)

This workshop will provide participates with an increased understanding of the urgency to take action on global warming. Participants will leave the workshop with a bank of lessons and resources to teach about climate justice along with the skills needed to address controversial issues in the classroom. The workshop provides strategies for teachers to support existing BCTF policies related to climate action by supporting students in advocating for climate justice in their communities and at the provincial and national level.

Food Security (75–120 minutes)

Participants will explore food security and food sovereignty issues and their social justice impacts, locally and globally through activities that can be applied in their classrooms. They will take an inventory of local food security issues, and then consider local food security and its cultural intersections. The final step will be to create an action plan designed to ensure food security for the school community.

Water Rights (90–120 minutes)

Focusing on the global water crisis through a social justice lens, participants will explore the connections between water access/water privatization issues, human rights, and social justice. Through an inquiry model, teachers will consider how water resource conservation issues are relevant in the classroom, the community, nationally and globally. The workshop will provide opportunities for teachers to explore water rights teaching resources and to develop a plan to support students in taking concrete actions. 

Sustainable Resource Use (90–120 minutes)

This workshop introduces strategies to support students in exploring the social, economic and environmental impacts of exploiting our natural resources. Participants will consider how to successfully bring this topic into their classrooms by using techniques to discuss controversial issues. The workshop introduces a number of teaching resources and explores ways to link them to the revised curriculum.

Sustainable Transportation (45–60 minutes)

Participants will explore strategies to support their students in examining how transportation of goods and people has changed over time, the consequences of these changes, and the intersections between transportation and social justice. The workshop will provide opportunities for teachers to explore sustainable transportation teaching resources and to ways to link them to the revised curriculum. 

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