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Women in Negotiations

(3 hours)

A leadership priority of the Federation is to continue to build the capacity of the union, both provincially and locally to be prepared for bargaining in 2019 through the provision of training, particularly with a focus to increase the participation of female members.

This SURT has been designed to engage more women in leadership roles in locals, but it is also intended to foster allies who will support women in taking those leadership roles, so locals will want to invite local activists such as staff representatives, staff committee chairpersons, school PD representatives, social justice representatives, school health and safety representatives, local executive committee members, TTOCs, teachers new to the profession and some combination of these people, not to exceed the local grant limits.

This workshop will:

  • identify personal and union assets that will support the next round of bargaining
  • identify barriers to women’s participation in bargaining
  • explore and educate members about the political/organizational context and sexism and gender bias
  • raise the profile of the Collective Agreement and negotiations among women members
  • encourage and support women’s participation in their union
  • identify the support women require of their union in order to actively participate.

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