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PSA per capita grant application forms 

Presidents are required to collect items from other officers if responsibilities are delegated and submit a complete package to the PSA services co-ordinator, electronically, by September 30. Late applications will no longer be accepted.  

A complete package submission includes all of the following:

  1. A proposed program statement for your PSA that includes overall goal(s), objectives related to the goal(s), activities by which to meet the objectives, and methods and criteria the PSA will use to evaluate the extent to which goals and objectives were met.

    Please note the Executive Committee motion from their June 13–15, 2013 meeting requires:

    33.08 That all PSAs be requested to attach to their per capita grant application a one-page summary that briefly outlines the following:  
    a. services the PSA provides to the members of the PSA, other than an annual or regional conference  
    b. processes in place to communicate with members of the PSA during the course of an individual’s one-year PSA membership  
    c. processes in place to engage new members of the PSA in order to retain them.  
    (EC, June 13–15, 2013)

    Note: You can include items a.–c. within Form 1, or attach a one-page summary.

    Use Form 1: PSA program blank. PDF | Word 

    Please note that an Executive Committee motion from their April 21–22, 2016 meeting requires:
    That, through their budget-setting process, PSAs be encouraged to:
    1. develop and implement a plan to spend down any accumulated surpluses or unused funds, and
    2. include, as necessary, funds to make available release time for mentorship and PSA capacity-building.
    (EC, April 21–22, 2016)

  2. A proposed budget that balances income and expenditures.

    Please use the attached information sheets to transfer the correct figures for income surplus/deficit at June 30, BCTF per capita grant, and membership/subscription fees (with GST).

    The budget must show, at the bottom, how, when, and where the members received/will receive the 2016–17 financial statement, (i.e., the year-end report/statement of receipts and disbursements).

    PSAs wishing to give complimentary memberships must budget for these on line 9976 and subsequently submit Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes that show this budget was adopted by their AGM.

    Use Form 2: Proposed budget. Excel

  3. A statement of disclosure consistent with by-law 5.14 (c) on an outside bank account, if any, including a copy of the June 30 bank statement. If the PSA has/had no outside account, a nil report is still required.

    Sign, scan, and send it with a signature on it, or have the person who is supposed to sign it be the one to send it by e-mail as an attachment.

    Use Form 3: PSA bank account information. PDF

  4. A completed report on communications and representations to outside agencies.
    As per Members' Guide to the BCTF Policy 33.06—Representation: The following is a summary of outside representation where authorization is required, and must be reported.
    Representation including presentations in oral or written format to government agencies, media, universities, community colleges, vocational schools, public pressure groups or organizations (these include informal discussions with ministry officials regarding programs). Also, liaison with business and industry, universities, community colleges, and vocational schools.

    Note: These methods of outside representation are to be submitted to the Provincial Specialist Association Council (PSAC) staff co-ordinator to seek approval. Approval must be received prior to engaging in the requested activity.

    Refer to Members' Guide to the BCTF Policy 33.06 for a complete description of the policy, including where no authorization is required. As stated in Policy 33.06.2. (iii) one of the purposes of a PSA is "... to influence the Ministry of Education's policies and procedures, including those of the Teacher Regulation Brance and those related to school programs, curriculum, assessment, implementation, and school organization and operations." It is expected that PSAs will have outside representation to report.

    Use Form 4: PSA outside representation report. PDF | Word 

  5. A PSA conference report form from the most recently completed provincial conference, with a comparison to revenue and expenditures from the previous year.

    Use Form 5: PSA conference report formPDF | Word 

  6. A PSA executive list consistent with Procedure 33.16 (d).

    If you held your AGM between January and June 2017, submit your current executive list on Form 6 with the rest of the per capita grant package by September 30, 2017.

    If you are holding your AGM in October, submit Form 6, along with your AGM minutes, by Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

    Make sure all candidates for office in your PSA hold a current membership in your PSA and hold some form of BCTF membership (active, retiree from active membership, student in teacher education program, or associate) before they are elected or acclaimed to positions, and that the President and Vice-President and the majority of your executive are active BCTF members.

    That the executive members of PSAs require current PSA memberships as of October 30 for the purposes of the annual per capita grant. (EC Feb 7–8, 2013)

    Use Form 6: Current PSA Executive Committee.  PDF | Word 

Please contact the webmanager@bctf.ca if you have problems with the forms. 

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