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Leave of Absence (LOA) Requests to Conduct PSA Business
(paid for by the PSA) 

There are now two options to choose from when issuing a PSA LOA form. Please follow the directions below and ensure the correct form has been used. 

1.  PSA leave of absence (LOA) request form for contract teacher 

This PSA LOA request form is used when a PSA is paying for a leave for a contract teacher for the purpose of conducting union (PSA) business. Download form here.

Please note, in locals that have adopted provincial article Article G.6—Leave for Union Business the PSA will be billed for the full cost of the member on leave if no TTOC is provided. A TTOC should be requested for all leaves.  

The LOA invoice will now come directly to the PSA. PSAs will be able to track more efficiently the LOA charges. PSAs will need to send the invoice top the BCTF for payment from their PSA account.

2.  PSA LOA request form for PSA use for TTOCs only 

This form is used only when a PSA is paying for a leave to release a TTOC to conduct PSA business. This leave is granted under Article G.7, TTOCs Conducting Union Business which ensure TTOCs are paid at the appropriate rate and that the leave is not considered a break in service.   Download form here

Note: TTOCSs now are paid at their scale rate for each day worked to a maximum of category 5, step 7. TTOCs who have scale placement higher than cat. 5 step 7 can claim the salary difference on their BCTF expense voucher.  

Note that your PSA will be responsible for payment of a TTOC who is on an LOA conducting PSA business.  

Please do not use this form unless it is for a “TTOC” who would otherwise be employed when conducting PSA business. 

NOTE: If BCTF is paying for the leave of absence request, the BCTF will issue the LOA.

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