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Workshops and Conferences


Our workshops are currently being offered virtually. 



Professional and Social Issues (PSI) workshops are available for school staffs, districts, locals, and conferences/PD days. Workshops are led by BCTF facilitators and can be booked on professional development days. There is no charge for these workshops. Find out more about the available workshops, booking processes, and other criteria.


School Unions Representative Training (SURT) workshops are available for BCTF locals as a training program for union representatives, such as staff reps, PD chairs, Social Justice and Aboriginal contacts, as well as health and safety reps. Up to four days of training is available for each local.

Health & Safety

Health and safety workshops can either be requested as a SURT or as a tripartite, when booked by the school district. If the district is booking the workshop, it will be booked as a tripartite and billed to the district. Most BCTF workshops are suitable for a tripartite audience—teachers, support staff, and administrative officers.

Student Teachers

The BCTF supports student-teachers with workshops offered in both official languages and led by classroom teachers (facilitators) with special expertise and training. Workshops are three hours in length. There is no charge for these workshops.

French progam

Plusieurs ateliers concernant les enjeux professionnels et sociaux, ainsi que ceux s’adressant aux représentants syndicaux, sont offerts en français. Ces ateliers sont présentés par les animateurs et animatrices bilingues de la FECB. Découvrez quels ateliers de la FECB sont aussi offerts en français.



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