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Teacher Inquiry Program Benefits

  • focuses on the inquiry process and provides time to delve into questions
  • design your own inquiry using themes you wish to explore
  • based on your own professional practice
  • teacher driven professional learning and sharing
  • professional development that respects teacher choice and autonomy
  • helpful for new teachers to share ideas and have professional conversations time for collaborative planning
  • time for reflection and observations
  • fun, collegial and promotes self reflective practices.

Participant Feedback

“We realized just how important collaboration with colleagues is.”
“We had the chance to evolve from our original idea… Six sessions gave us the chance to plan, discuss, and figure out the best way to approach project-based learning… We evolved from our initial question into team-teaching and a multi-grade approach.”
“The sharing was so important, and the discussions led to a deepening of our inquiry question.”
“At first, I was nervous… and then excited… and then proud of our work and way more confident!”
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