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Salary Indemnity Plan 


The Salary Indemnity Plan is not insured by an insurance company regulated under the Financial Institutions Act. The BCTF is exempt from the regulatory requirements of the Financial Institutions Act. 


The BCTF operates a plan that provides both short- and long-term benefits to teachers who, due to illness or injury, are disabled from working. If the illness or injury is work-related, a WCB claim must be initiated.

The plan, in accordance with the regulations, applies to all active BCTF members with regular assignments. Please see the current regulations. Members, when they are nearing retirement age, may apply to withdraw from the long term section of the plan.  They should ensure that they have enough sick leave accumulated in their sick bank to provide them with an income until retirement if they become ill or injured and are unable to work.  Application must be made to the plan administrator using the withdrawal form

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