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Webliography of Internet Resources for Global Education

Reports and studies on global issues


Child protection

Child Soldiers Global Report 2004
Report on the recruitment and use of child soldiers throughout the world, which includes country specific case studies and statistics.

Country specific resources

Falls Brook Centre Resource Library
This is a CIDA funded global education resource library. Web site is host to the "Country in a Box" teaching series and also issue specific resources.


ILO Report: Key Indicators of the Labour Market
The productivity gap between the US and most other developed economies continued to widen.


UNAIDS Report: Aids Epidemic Update 2007
Report features updated global and regional estimates on HIV/AIDS, and new trends in the epidemic’s evolution.

Human trafficking

Coalition against Trafficking in Women: Rethinking Masculinity
This practical guide outlines the challenges faced in changing male perceptions of paid sex with women.

Terre Des Hommes Study on Trafficked Nepalese Girls
A study of Nepalese girls after they have been sold into prostitution in India. TDH Child Digital Library

Micro credit

Grameen Foundation USA Report: Measuring the Impact of Microfinance
This is the first review of research on the impact of microfinance around the globe. Also includes Important Links.

Millennium development goals

Canada and the Millennium Development Goals
This is a summary of some of Canada’s contributions over the last five years to the MDGs (mainly through CIDA).

World Bank Report on Engendering Development
Report focuses on gender issues and their broad economic and social implications in developing countries.

Violence against women

Population Reference Bureau: Abandoning Female Genital Mutilation
Report on various approaches used by organizations working toward abandonment of the practice.

Urgent Action Fund Book: Rising up in Response
This downloadable book studies women’s rights activists who respond to conflict or crises in their own countries.

WHO Global Study on Domestic Violence against Women
Report presents a global perspective on domestic violence against women that covers 10 countries.

Women and globalization

Oxfam Trading Away our Rights Report: Women Working in Global Supply Chains
Oxfam’s research has revealed how retailers push many costs and risks of business on to working women.

Women/Girls education

Global Fund for Women Impact Report #2: What Girls Need to Grow
A study exploring the impact that grassroots funding has on supporting girls to overcome existing barriers to their education.

Oxfam Book: Beyond Access
This online book examines the causes of gender-based inequality in education.

Oxfam Report: Developing Capacity to Achieve Gender Equality in Education
This paper shows ways in which individual/institutional capacity produces educational results for girls and boys.

Save the Children Report: 60 Million Girls Mission out on Education
Report shows that if school fees were abolished in 14 sub-Saharan countries 4.5 million children would immediately be able to go to school.

Women/Girls—general statistics

Global Fund for Women Annual Report 2016
Report on the status of women in the world today, which highlights statistics on topics such as discriminatory laws against women.

Population Reference Bureau Fact Sheet: Women of our World
Chart that outlines the status of women worldwide in terms of reproductive health, education, work, and public life.

UNSD Report: World’s Women 2005 Progress in Statistics
This report presents national sex statistics in such areas as health, violence against women, poverty, and decision-making.

WEDO Report: Beijing Betrayed
This is a report about worldwide government’s failures to turn the Conference on Women Beijing Platform into action.

Global Gender Gap Report 2016 - Reports - World Economic Form
This study assesses the gender gap by measuring the extent to which women in 58 countries have achieved equality with men.

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