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 You are entitled to exclusive Advantage Program offers for vision care products at IRIS Optometrists Opticians. This offer is for all BCTF Executive Officers, Management, Employees and Current Members along with your family members who reside with you in your household.  

Benefits Advantage Program members receive are outlined below: 

New offers are added from time to time, and you will always receive all of the IRIS benefits, like our No-Matter-What guarantee and AirMiles on every purchase.  

Registration requires only a few minutes, and personalized offers are emailed out immediately.     

Print and present at the IRIS location when making purchases. Advantage Program benefits are in addition to and can be combined with your extended health benefit as well as extended benefits available to your spouse if they have their own plan. In most cases IRIS can direct bill the insurance provider at the time of purchase. You must register yourself and family members residing in your household in order to receive their individual eyecare benefits. Benefits can be used throughout the year as required, and may be used multiple times in the same year.

Register now. When registering, choose “BCTF” as the organization.

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