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BCTF supports the Chicago Teachers’ Union

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The BCTF supports the Chicago Teachers’ Union in their negotiations and job actions.

See the attached letter for more detail.

Project Overseas 2020

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The BCTF will be supporting four (4) BCTF members in July 2020. Applications to participate will be due October 18, 2019.

The BCTF’s francophone local, SEPF, will also be sponsoring one of its members and applications from that local should be sent to it.

Go to the Project Overseas page for more information, including the 2020 application form.

Pedagogia 2019 Conference in Havana, Cuba applications now open

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Head to the Get Involved page to apply to be a BCTF delegate to the Pedagogia 2019 conference in Havana, Cuba. 5 (five) BCTF members will be selected and sponsored to attend this large, Latin American pedagogical conference, bringing together several thousand educations from the Americas.

Applications now open, the deadline is December 1st, 2018. Good luck.

Project Overseas applications are now accepted - deadline October 31

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Application forms for the pilot year of Project Overseas are now live on the page (here).

The BCTF is participating in Project Overseas in July, 2019, and supporting four (4) members to be Project Overseas facilitators. SEPF will support one (1) member of their own local in addition.

Application deadline: October 31, 2018.

Submit your completed forms (or questions) to researchassistants@bctf.ca

Fax No: (604) 871-2294

Mail to: BCTF International Solidarity Program, 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  V5Z 4P2

Information for potential applicants to the 2019 projects.

Updated deadline to apply to the 13th Tri-national Conference in Mexico

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Apply to be a BCTF delegate to the 13th Conference in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico!

Six (6) members will be selected as participants from the general membership. Members of equity seeking groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applications consist of a BCTF Curriculum Vitae Form and a letter indicating why you want to attend and how you would use the learnings from the conference when you return to your local and school. Please, e-mail your application (or questions) to researchassistants@bctf.ca; or apply by mail to:

BCTF International Solidarity Program
100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2

Fax No.: (604)-871-2294

The deadline for applications is September 28, 2018

More info, guidelines for participants and stories from past conferences are at the Tri-national section of the BCTF page.

Other opportunities to get involved with International Solidarity in 2018-19

Get Involved page

Project Overseas: past participants' stories

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From Nepal in 1999 to Nigeria in 2008, stories shared by the members who part-took in Project Overseas are retrieved from our archives... Find them here, as published in the Teacher Magazine.

Inspired and considering on participating in 2019's pilot year of Project Overseas? Head to our Get Involved page to read the information sheet for applicants. Application will be posted in the near future...

Opportunities for members 2018-19

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Making solidarity links with teachers and their unions internationally is an important element of the BCTF International Solidarity Program. During 2018–19 several opportunities will allow some members to take part personally. 

Head to our Get Involved page to learn about these opportunities, get inspired by the stories of past participants and consider if this would be the year you'd get involved.

The 13th Tri-national Conference will be taking place this November in Mexico;

Project Overseas, in collaboration with Canadian Teachers' Federation will pilot in July 2019; 

Pedagogia Conference in Cuba will be happening next February;

International Solidarity Committee Conference, hosted by CoDevelopment Canada will take place in Vancouver, in October 2018.