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Grade K-3, 4-7, 8-9, 10-12, Adult
Subject All Arts Education, Visual Arts
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 30 - 60 minutes

About This Resource

Animation is a relatively overlooked area of art education and educators are not likely to have experience with the positive learning prospects that can be incorporated into the classroom. This medium proposes to encompass all teaching areas to broaden the spectrum of educational possibilities of all types of learners, including those with learning disabilities. Students and teachers show an enthusiasm for the medium but may lack the educational tools or, hold certain assumptions about animation that may make it a difficult medium to use within the confines of the classroom or institution. The intent of this project is to supply the reader with concrete forms and ideas that can assist educators in their attempts to integrate art education with different subject matter. Teaching aids such as simplified lesson plans for animation projects are included as well as discussions surrounding the benefits gained through using animation techniques and its historical development.
Animation in art education: the animated classroom by Pawlivsky-Love, Lorraine Yvette