BCTF Staff Directory

Note: Use the area code "604" and prefix "871" with the local number for the direct phone line.

Name Local  Dept* E-mail Address

Virginia Anderson 2202 HR vanderson@bctf.ca
Mike Barnes 2134 IT mbarnes@bctf.ca
Sandy Biggerstaff 2155 EO sbiggerstaff@bctf.ca
Olga Borissova 2137 IT oborissova@bctf.ca
Gretchen Brown 1912 LS gbrown@bctf.ca
Mary Ellen Bullock 1838 FSD mebullock@bctf.ca
Jim Burton 2102 PUR jburton@bctf.ca
Christine C. 1931 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Michael C. 1945 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Mary Chang 2101 ACCT mchang@bctf.ca
Karen Cheung 2192 MR kcheung@bctf.ca
Victor Choy 1949 ISD vchoy@bctf.ca
Lee-Anne Clarke 1844 FSD lclarke@bctf.ca
Jenn Cole 2230 INFO jcole@bctf.ca
Jeannine Coulombe 2200 HR jalbert@bctf.ca
Kelsey D. 1892 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Marcus D. 1939 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Anna Dachuk 1835 FSD adachak@bctf.ca
Lester Dare 2211 PROD ldare@bctf.ca
Michelle Davies 1812 FSD mdavies@bctf.ca
Derek DeGear 1853 FSD ddegear@bctf.ca
Sara Dettman 1902 LS sdettman@bctf.ca
Arabella Devlin 1887 FSD adevlin@bctf.ca
Lauren Donnelly 1876 CCD ldonnelly@bctf.ca
Kieron Drake 2207 HR kdrake@bctf.ca
Leigh Du 2201 HR ldu@bctf.ca
Anick Dubé 1869 PSID adube@bctf.ca
Marianne Dussart 1857 PSID mdussart@bctf.ca
Joanne Enquist 2130 IT jenquist@bctf.ca
Charlotte F. 1934 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Kayli F. 1936 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Krista F. 1926 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Lydia F. 1948 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Lucie Ferrari 1809 PSID lferrari@bctf.ca
Anne Field 2190 MR afield@bctf.ca
Operator Front Desk 0 ADMIN meetingroom@bctf.ca
Alison G. 1923 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Andrée Gacoin 2254 RES agacoin@bctf.ca
Jenny Garrels 1871 PSID jgarrels@bctf.ca
Miguel Gomez 2133 IT mgomez@bctf.ca
Kim Graham 1903 LS kgraham@bctf.ca
Starleigh Grass 1839 FSD sgrass@bctf.ca
Toni Grewal 1891 ISD tgrewal@bctf.ca
Ashley Gurat 1843 FSD agurat@bctf.ca
Megan H. 1956 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Anne Hales 2243 RES ahales@bctf.ca
John M. Hall 2214 PROD jmhall@bctf.ca
Glen Hansman 2153 EO ghansman@bctf.ca
Lesley Harrington 2241 INFO lharrington@bctf.ca
Chris Harris 1833 FSD charris@bctf.ca
Andrew Harrison 2143 IT aharrison@bctf.ca
Jessie Hayek 2150 EO jhayek@bctf.ca
Sukhi Heir 2116 MAINT sheir@bctf.ca
Patrick Henry 1840 FSD phenry@bctf.ca
Liz Hines 1900 LS lhines@bctf.ca
Ryan Ho 2135 IT rho@bctf.ca
Michele Hope 1860 PSID mhope@bctf.ca
Melissa Howell 1806 PSID mhowell@bctf.ca
Cecilia Huard de la Marre 1875 CCD chuarddelamarre@bctf.ca
Prudence Ikoma 2270 TREAS pikoma@bctf.ca
Michael Infante 2222 TREAS minfante@bctf.ca
Diane Irvine 1906 LS dirvine@bctf.ca
Luis Isidoro 2176 GRA lisidoro@bctf.ca
Shannon Iverson 1847 FSD siverson@bctf.ca
June James 1883 CCD jjames@bctf.ca
Clint Johnston 2152 EO cjohnston@bctf.ca
Dan Johnston 2109 ACCT djohnston@bctf.ca
Jennifer Kimbley 1877 CCD jKimbley@bctf.ca
Michael Kimmis 1957 ISD mkimmis@bctf.ca
Nancy Knickerbocker 1872 CCD nknickerbocker@bctf.ca
Larry Kuehn 2255 RES lkuehn@bctf.ca
Sarb Lalli 1935 ISD slalli@bctf.ca
Thom Learmonth 2116 MAINT tlearmonth@bctf.ca
Henry Lee 1849 PSID hlee@bctf.ca
Kevin Lee 2210 PROD
Kim Leslie 1958 ISD kleslie@bctf.ca
Margret Li 2220 PUR mli@bctf.ca
Miranda Light 1807 PSID mlight@bctf.ca
Paul Liu 2251 RES pliu@bctf.ca
Charlie Locke 2138 IT clocke@bctf.ca
Erin M. 1930 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Carman MacKay 1944 ISD cmackay@bctf.ca
Moira Mackenzie 2156 EO mmackenzie@bctf.ca
Puneet Mann 1913 LS pmann@bctf.ca
Philip McKeen 2221 PUR pmckeen@bctf.ca
Karlan Modeste 1905 LS kmodeste@bctf.ca
Teri Mooring 2159 EO tmooring@bctf.ca
Debbie Morran 1836 FSD dmorran@bctf.ca
Mark N. 1946 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Melissa Ng 2191 MR mng@bctf.ca
Rea-Mae Nicolas 2107 ACCT rnicolas@bctf.ca
Luke Olver 1890 ISD lolver@bctf.ca
Emily O'Neill 2244 INFO eoneill@bctf.ca
Diane Osborn 2106 ACCT dosborn@bctf.ca
Rich Overgaard 1881 CCD rovergaard@bctf.ca
Sarah P. 1932 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Todd Patrick 1850 PSID tpatrick@bctf.ca
Sherry Payne 1803 PSID spayne@bctf.ca
Brian Porter 1824 FSD bporter@bctf.ca
Barb Preus 1831 FSD bpreus@bctf.ca
Michael Prokosh 1907 LS mprokosh@bctf.ca
Vitaly Purtov 2139 IT vpurtov@bctf.ca
Megan Pyves 2193 MR mpyves@bctf.ca
Celine Qiu 2110 ACCT cqiu@bctf.ca
Bonnie Quan Symons 1867 PSID bquansymons@bctf.ca
Stefanie Quelch 1910 LS squelch@bctf.ca
Molly R. 1927 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Grahame Rainey 1845 PSID grainey@bctf.ca
Joni Razote 2115 ADMIN jrazote@bctf.ca
Gladys Reinarz 1924 LS greinarz@bctf.ca
Nick Rennie 2105 ACCT nrennie@bctf.ca
Liz Robinson 1901 LS lrobinson@bctf.ca
Karen Rojem 2242 INFO krojem@bctf.ca
Michal Rozworski 2252 RES mrozworski@bctf.ca
Lucy Ryan 2206 HR lryan@bctf.ca
Barb Ryeburn 1821 PSID bryeburn@bctf.ca
Delaney S. 1937 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Sarah S. 1929 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Daniele Saugy 1801 PSID dsaugy@bctf.ca
George Serra 1819 FSD gserra@bctf.ca
Lauri Sewell 1981 MR
Kelly Shields 1842 FSD kshields@bctf.ca
Marion Shukin 1804 PSID mshukin@bctf.ca
Edgar Silveira 1846 FSD esilveira@bctf.ca
Jennifer Sowerby 2177 GRA jsowerby@bctf.ca
David Stange 2232 INFO dstange@bctf.ca
Karen Steel 2175 CCD ksteel@bctf.ca
Michele Steele 1802 PSID msteele@bctf.ca
Christine Stewart 1800 PSID cstewart@bctf.ca
Daniel Storms 1841 FSD dstorms@bctf.ca
Marilou Strait 2178 GRA mstrait@bctf.ca
Gail Stromquist 1854 PSID gstromquist@bctf.ca
Roy Sun 2104 ACCT rsun@bctf.ca
Vanessa Terrell 1878 CCD vterrell@bctf.ca
Lynda Tierney 1816 PSID ltierney@bctf.ca
Robyn Trask 1909 LS rtrask@bctf.ca
Jolanta Vaitekonyte 2250 RES jvaitekonyte@bctf.ca
Peter Valbonesi 2141 IT pvalbonesi@bctf.ca
Brad Veitch 2140 IT bveitch@bctf.ca
Calum W. 1938 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Larry W. 1928 ISD benefits@bctf.ca
Verna Warner 2151 EO vwarner@bctf.ca
Julie Wengi 2203 HR jwengi@bctf.ca
Lise West 1870 CCD lwest@bctf.ca
Mike Wisla 1925 ISD mwisla@bctf.ca
Christina Wong 1837 FSD cwong@bctf.ca
Sarah Young 1873 CCD syoung@bctf.ca
Delwin Yung 2271 TREAS dyung@bctf.ca
Helen Z. 1921 ISD benefits@bctf.ca

*Department Legend

ACCT: Accounting ADMIN: Administrative Services
CCD: Communications Campaigns EO: Executive Offices
FSD: Field Service GRA: Graphics
H&S: Health & Safety/ISD H&W: Health & Wellness/ISD
HR: Human Resources INFO: Information Services
ISD: Income Security IT: Information Technology
LS: Legal Services MAINT: Maintenance
MR: Member Records PROD: Production
PSID: PSID PUR: Purchasing
RES: Research RTA: Retired Teachers' Assn
SEPF: SEPF TREAS: Treasurer's Office