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PSA Mailing Lists

An e-mail mailing list allows its members to send messages to a single e-mail address (the list address) and have copies of these messages broadcast to all other members on the list.

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To join or leave a list, enter your first name, last name and email address, select a list, click join or leave, then press Send.

To update your e-mail address on a list to which you're already subscribed, you should first leave the list with your old address and then rejoin with your new address.

psa-abcde (read-write)
Association of BC Drama Educators (ABCDE)

psa-bcalted (read-write)
BC Alternate Education PSA (BCALTED)

psa-bcamt (read-write)
BC Association of Math Teachers (BCAMT)

psa-bcbea (read-write)
BC Business Educators' Association (BCBEA)

psa-bcdea (read-write)
BC Dance Educators' Associatin (BCDEA)

psa-bcmea (read-write)
BC Music Educators' Association (BCMEA)

psa-bcpta (read-write)
BC Primary Teachers' Association (BCPTA)

psa-bcsca (read-write)
BC School Councellors' Association (BCSCA)

psa-bctea (read-write)
BC Technology Education Association (BCTEA)

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