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Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

The provincial government has been administering the Foundation Skills Assessment tests to all students in Grades 4 and 7 since 2000. This test does not help students learn or teachers teach. It takes valuable time and much needed resources away from the classroom learning and undermines the ability to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students.

The FSA results are misused by a private organization to rank schools based on a very narrow measure. The FSA tests do not result in any additional funding or support for students.

For parents

FSA withdrawal letter PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 

Parents Should Know: FSA tests are not useful PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 

Teacher Communications to Parents about the FSAs 
Several legal decisions have supported the rights and responsibilities of teachers to directly communicate with parents about important educational issues. Procedures have been agreed upon between teachers and their employers for sending approved information on the FSAs to parents, so that they can make fully informed choices. 

Education deans and BC trustees support BCTF position on ethical use of FSA data

In 2013–14, BC’s public education system’s partner groups worked collaboratively in the Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment (AGPA). Teachers, school administrators, district management, school trustees, and university education departments discussed the purposes of assessment and arrived at an agreed-upon set of principles to inform a new provincial assessment program.

A central concern of all member groups was the lack of protection of school and student data in the Foundations Skills Assessment. Both the BC School Trustees’ Association and the deans of SFU and UBC education faculties (co-chairs of AGPA) have joined the BCTF in once again expressing to the Ministry of Education AGPA’s clear statement that the government must act to prevent the unethical or unfair use of the FSA data.

Here are their letters of October 2017:

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