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Resources – Transitions

  • "On My Way": Transition Planning BC 
  • The BC Association for Community Living is proud to launch the “on my way” video blog. This project is meant to help students with special needs and their families prepare for a full life after high school. Our goal is to increase options and opportunities leading to full inclusion and citizenship for people with developmental disabilities. 
  • Career/Life Transitions for Students with Diverse Needs PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    Ministry of Education Special Education Resouce Guide
    This guide has been developed to help teacher to: understand the conditions inherent in career/life transitions for many students with diverse needs, follow key concepts in career/life transition planning, and develop activities for supporting career/life transitions for this audience.
  • BC Ministry of Advanced Education
    Student Financial Aid for students with a documented permanent disability, who is now studying, or plans on studying, at a post secondary institution the following programs may be of interest: The Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities
  • Community Living BC (CLBC)
    delivers support and services to people with developmental disabilities, children with special needs and their families in British Columbia. It has a board of self-advocates, family and community members, as well as staff located throughout the province. We believe that people with developmental disabilities and their families know best when it comes to their needs, goals and planning for the future. 
  • Developing a Five Star Plan PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    Educational leaders Yselldyke & Thurlow identified the fundamental elements of a balanced educational program for all students, including those with significant special needs. Debra Mackie has developed those 5 fundamentals into 5 elements to plan or review a student's program.

ERIC Digests
These are short reports (1500-2000 words) that provide a basic overview, plus pertinent references; available from their web site: ERIC directory - www.ericdigests.org/eric-digests.html.

E-ssential Guide: A Parent's Guide to Transitioning to Adulthood PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.

If your child has LD and/or AD/HD, it may be overwhelming for you (and him) to consider life beyond middle school or high school. But, as this guide explains, planning for the future in a realistic and thoughtful way can help your child transition to adulthood with greater confidence and success.

Job Training for Youth with Disabilities: Post-Secondary Options List PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.  

February 2012. Vancouver School Board Job Training Program.

Job Accommodation Network
A free consulting service designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities.

  • Helping Teens Develop Daily Living Skills
    In this exclusive series of articles, Arlyn Roffman, Ph.D., an expert on transition issues, explains why kids with learning disabilities often struggle to learn basic daily living skills. She also shows how parents can help their kids succeed by providing explicit instruction and practice in the following skill areas:
    • Shopping for and preparing food
    • Housekeeping
    • Managing money and being a wise consumer
    • Travel and transportation
    • Healthy lifestyle, hobbies, and recreation
  •  Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
    A not-for-profit charity created by and for families who have a relative with a disability. Their two main functions: to assist families plan a good life for their relative with a disability both now and in the future. Ensure a safe and secure future by fulfilling the wishes of parents, after they die, or are otherwise unable to.
  • Prince George's Transition to Community resources
    Transition planning is about planning for life. It requires the participation of everyone who will be involved in creating and providing service and supports. The following sequence of steps offers a process for ensuring successful transition. Also there is a variety of samples, forms and recommendations for practice Community transitions planning PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 
  • Post-Secondary Education Resources PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    Post-Secondary schools in BC have developed policies and procedures for assisting students with disabilities. It is recommended to review the specific policies of the school you are planning to attend. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is used an as example here.

    Ready or Not, Here Life Comes  by Dr. Mel Levine
    This new book tackles the topic of transition to young adulthood — with special advice for teens. ISBN-10: 0743262255

    School District #52 Prince Rupert - Student Support Services ChecklistPDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    Reprinted with permission School District 52

    School District #61 Victoria - Special Education Resources 
    Reprinted with permission School District 61

    Self-Advocacy: A Valuable Skill for Your Teenager
    by Dr. Jodie Dawson
    Earlier you teach him to advocate for himself, the more prepared he’ll be for life ahead — no matter what path he takes after high school.

  • STEPS Forward
    Inclusive Post Secondary Education Society has a mandate to promote and support students with intellectual disabilities in inclusive post secondary education. So far STEPS Forward has: set up academic co-op projects with UBC and E.C.I. (Emily Carr Institute), worked with parents and community living organizations interested in setting up similar programs at local colleges and universities, partnered in setting up a provincial inclusive post-secondary education umbrella organization as a resource for other programs, parents, community organizations and staff and has a research site on inclusive post secondary education research in Canada and Internationally.
  • Transition to Adulthood: Focusing on Life after High School  PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    by Linda Broatch
    This article offers an introduction to the transition process, including the roles of parents, the teenager, and the school, some essential components of transition, and what the research tells us about adults with learning disabilities who are successful. Note, while some mention of U.S. laws, there are some very good points for parents regardless of country of residence.
  • Transition Planning for after high school
    Ministry of Children and Family Development web site.
    The purpose of transition planning for youth with special needs is to identify opportunities and experiences during their school years that will help them better prepare for life as an adult. Transition planning can assist youth in securing employment, pursuing post-secondary education and experiencing a meaningful and active community life.
  • Vela Microboard Association
    Their mission is to promote and secure innovative and individualized community options and supports for people with disabilities or chronic illness.
  • Your Future Now: A Transition Planning and Resource Guide for Youth with Special Needs and Their Families PDF file; Acrobat Reader required.
    Includes a workbook and resource guide to assist youth and their families with the development of an individualized transition plan.


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