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Salary Indemnity Plan Additional Information

Salary Indemnity Plan Additional Information

  • Who is eligible to receive SIP benefits?

  • Are TTOCs allowed to participate?

  • How much do Plan members pay in SIP dues?

  • While on SIP, are my union dues paid?

  • Are SIP benefits taxable? How do I get my T4?

  • While on SIP, will my Teachers' Pension Plan be paid?

  • Will SIP pay my benefits (medical/extended health/dental/life insurance)?

  • Does SIP pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums?

  • Are my medical bills paid by SIP?

  • When would benefits not be paid?

  • What are my responsibilities while I receive disability benefits?

  • Does the BCTF share medical information with my employer?

  • I'm out of, or running out of, sick leave. How do I apply for SIP short-term?

  • How much does SIP short-term pay?

  • How long does SIP short-term last?

  • Am I entitled to SIP short-term if I have withdrawn from the long-term portion of the plan?

  • Why do I have to use my sick leave entitlements before going on short-term SIP?

  • Can I skip short-term and go directly to the long-term portion of SIP if I have a long-term illness?

  • What if I receive income from another source? How will that impact my SIP short-term benefit?

  • How do I appeal a decision to deny, suspend, or terminate my claim?

  • Am I eligible to receive SIP long-term disability (LTD) benefits?

  • How much do I receive in LTD benefits?

  • Do I have to attend assessments arranged by CL?

  • How do I dispute CL's decision to deny/terminate my claim?

  • How do I claim Occasional or Intermittent Absence