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Aboriginal education continues to move ahead at the BCTF. Positive changes are being made to improve the success rate for Aboriginal students. We continue the dialogue with locals and Aboriginal communities. The voice of the Aboriginal people is heard and will continue to be heard.  


Aboriginal Education Lens

The Aboriginal Lens is a guide for those who work in education and are committed to taking up the “Calls to Action on Education” as stipulated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This framework is designed to help educators challenge the current, established systems of belief that support Eurocentric practices that have silenced other ways of knowing and being. The lens focuses our efforts and can be used to examine and assess policies and practices. The framework also works to address the needs of the collective and the community, as well as providing common reference for teachers.

Aboriginal Education Program


Gladys We Never Knew

This eBook is intended to be an interactive resource leading educators from the story to the 'back story' utilizing links on each page to offer related resources. Throughout this book you will find Project of Heart tiles with an 'aura' which indicates that this is a link. Click on each of these tiles to find additional resources including films, videos, documents, articles, activities and more.

Project of Heart - Illuminating the hidden history of Indian Residential Schools in BC

This resource is a visual journey to support classroom teachers, post secondary and adult educators to understand and learn about the hidden history of Indian Residential Schools.


Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and Being

Learning is connected to land, culture, and spirit.

We—the two-legged, four-legged, finned and feathered, plants and rocks —are all related.

We must always practice reciprocity through acts of giving and receiving.

Learning honours our Ancestors,Elders, Knowledge Keepers and Descendants.

It respects and embraces ceremony, protocol, and teachings that are connected to the sacred medicines including tobacco, cedar, sage, and sweetgrass.

Important teachings emerge through stories.

Learning involves developing relationships, respecting distinct cultures, and honouring the perspective of others in our communities.

The deepest learning takes place through lived experience. It requires exploring our identities, learning from our mistakes, and having gratitude for our gifts.

Learning is a journey that takes courage, patience and humility. It is about striving to become a better human being and living with balance in body, mind, heart and spirit.