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We put our projects into transparent roadmaps to ensure we are always working on the most important thing to make BCTF.ca better and that everyone knows what will be coming next. 

Here's what our web team is working on right now.

Current Projects

Find and Fix Phase
Launch new website with base website features and content. Additional content and features will be brought online as issues are fixed and the transition from our old website continues.

Bargaining and Collective Agreement Section Updates
New features better communicate during Section 53 bargaining.

2021-2022 School Year Content
Addition of content not available during website construction.

What's next

User Testing
Surveys and interviews to determine what changes are required to make the website easier to use and navigate.

French Language Content
New bilingual features which allow users to switch between French and English when translation is available.

Homepage Upgrades
Based on information on site usage, additional changes will be made to the homepage.

Recently Completed

New shared file spaces for BCTF committees and workshop facilitators.

Predictive Search
Search engine suggests possible matches to assist users looking for specific content.

Future Roadmap

Replacing Broken Link
Transitioning to a new website requires that thousands of broken links are corrected.

Changes to Advocacy and Issues Pages
A basic version of each category and issue has been created. Once we see how these sections are used, they will be expanded.

Readability Upgrade
Changes to make news and updates more readable.

Accessibility Upgrades
Improvements to visual contrast, forms, keyboard navigation, and reduction of PDF files.

Teaching Resource Category Sorting
Additional features for filtering teaching resources by keyword.

Expanded BCTF History Page

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