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By Léonie H., Grade 5 student, Vancouver

Alice Fleck’s Recipes for Disaster by Rachelle Delaney is an interesting page-turner because there is some suspense and a whodunit vibe, not in a murder mystery way but in a sabotage way.

Here is an idea of the story: Alice (12 years old) and her dad love cooking together, but then her dad gets a girlfriend who Alice doesn’t like much. She studies Victorian history and invites them to a Victorian-style festival to be a part of their favourite cooking show. They go, but everything changes: the name, the host, the judge. And as if that wasn’t enough, there is a saboteur messing up the contestants’ work. Will Alice and her new friends she met at the festival find out what is happening?

There is a heart-touching relationship between Alice and her dad. It’s also interesting when Alice moves a little away from her dad and more toward her new friends. It was fun (and also made me angry at the judge who is really rude) reading about the cooking competition. Also, I learned about some food facts.

P.S. I definitely recommend your book, Rachelle Delaney!

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