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Elections will take place at the Fall Representative Assembly on November 4–5, 2022.

One, 3-year term, to June 2025

The Judicial Council (JC) is a team of 18 volunteer BCTF members, trained and experienced in conducting tribunal-style proceedings. They also receive training in points of law, in particular the principles of natural justice and due process. The role of the JC is to consider alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics or conduct harmful to the Federation and render verdicts regarding said conduct. JC members are assigned to panels or teams to deal with complaints at various stages of the process.

To protect privacy and confidentiality, Judicial Council members are assigned a BCTF email address to be used for all communications from Judicial Council. Judicial Council members are responsible for remaining up to date and regularly checking BCTF email communications.

As per the 2022 Spring Representative Assembly decision to delete Procedure 31.C.02, candidates for election to the Judicial Council no longer need to be nominees who have been approved by a secret ballot of a local general meeting or a local delegate assembly.

Members are expected to attend three two-day meetings each year, on Friday/Saturday. New members receive training on the Thursday before their first meeting.

This is a volunteer opportunity to serve and represent all the teachers of BC. Accommodation, meals (per diem), leave of absence (LOA), necessary travel costs, and dependant care costs (if required) will be provided in accordance with BCTF policies for all expenses related to Judicial Council business (meetings and casework).

Deadline: November 1, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

To apply, please complete the online CV application form on the BCTF website.

Because the BCTF has an affirmative action policy, applicants may wish to provide, on a voluntary basis, information as to whether they self-identify as a member of one or more equity-seeking groups. This includes women, racialized persons, Aboriginal persons, persons who are trans, gender diverse or Two Spirit, persons with a disability, and persons who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

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