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Fair deal
fair deal brochure

This brochure highlights the facts behind teachers’ goals at the bargaining table.

News Items

New poll shows parents support teachers 2-to-1 over government
New public opinion research commissioned by the BC Federation of Labour offers encouraging results. It shows the general public—and especially parents—overwhelmingly support teachers.

Labour Day events
Please join us and our friends in the labour movement to celebrate Labour Day in your community. Everyone is welcome.

Rallies and news
With support from the BC Federation of Labour and affiliated unions, teachers, parents, students and citizens are taking action and rallying to demand reinvestment in our public schools. They are taking to the streets, protesting at MLAs’ offices, turning up the heat on trustees, and using social media to make their concerns heard.

Let’s make mediation happen
10 things each one of us can do.

School district letters call for mediation
Some school boards have written letters of support - find out if yours is on the list. If you haven’t done so yet, please phone or write your Mayor and Council, MLA, and school trustees and urge them to support our renewed call for mediation.

Countering the statements in the Ministry of Education Factsheet on education funding 
Each ministry statement is quoted, followed by a BCTF evidence-based response: “What the ministry doesn’t say”

Challenging the ministry myth of unaffordability
A one-pager drawing on a recent CCPA article and the Province of British Columbia’s Public Accounts 2013/14 report to provide evidence that the economy is robust enough for the province to fund class composition and BCTF proposals for improvements in wages and working conditions.

Solidarity pours in from around the world 
Teachers unions and workers’ organisations from across Canada and across the border are sending solidarity greetings in support of BC teachers as we struggle to achieve a fair deal that respects the work we do, and which provides more support for students.

Parents and supporters, help us make it happen
10 things each one of you can do.

Letter to parents and guardians
Why are BC teachers on strike? We have been trying to get a new collective agreement since February 2013, and going on strike, even for one day, is a last resort. We’ll continue to work patiently to get a deal with BCPSEA, the provincial government’s bargaining agent.

BC Supreme Court Ruling on Bills 28 and 22
January 27, 2014: an historic day for public education and labour rights in BC. The BC Supreme Court reaffirmed that provincial legislation limiting teachers’ bargaining rights is unconstitutional, restored collective agreement provisions stripped in 2002, and ordered the province to pay $2 million in damages plus court costs.

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