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The courts, demographics, and parent advocacy force government's hand on education funding
VICTORIA-British Columbia's 2017 budget is an admission that this government has been shortchanging our schools and students for 15 long years, BCTF President Glen Hansman said today.

“All of the funding increases announced today are because this government has been forced by the courts, by demographics, and by public anger to finally respond to their record of underfunding our schools and students,” said Hansman. “This budget is an admission that when it comes to education funding, the government has had it wrong all along. Fifteen years ago, they put tax cuts before kids. Students, parents, teachers, and support staff were forced to pay the price.”

What we need in the provincial budget!
The budget must include full funding to meet the terms of the collective agreement, but also more. Support for special needs and English Language Learners.  Money for implementation of the new curriculum. A focus on student mental health. You can find details in the BCTF budget brief here. Use it as a checklist to evaluate the provincial budget on February 21.

BC Teachers urge government to take immediate action on seismic safety in schools
For over 15 years, repeated promises to seismically upgrade BC schools have been broken and multiple plans have been delayed, leaving BC’s teachers, school support staff, and students in unsafe and dangerous buildings.

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