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BCTF Affiliation

BC Federation of Labour (BCFed) and Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

BCTF members voted to join the BCFed in 2003 for a three-year trial period. The trial period was followed by another member vote. In 2006, teachers voted 78.2% to join the CLC and maintain membership in the BCFed.

The 2006 BCTF AGM decided that the BCTF fee should be increased by .03% ($20 per year for a member earning $60,000) to pay all of the costs of affiliation if members voted “yes” to affiliation. See AGM decisions on costs for more information.

The 2006 BCTF AGM also adopted a statement of principles for BCTF participation in the labour movement.

Background on the CLC and the BCFed

BCTF experience in the labour movement

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