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Advocacy and Action

Advocacy can take many forms. British Columbians have been faced with a growing need to advocate for a strong and stable public education system.

Concerned citizens have been taking action in diverse ways: lobbying MLAs and school trustees, building coalitions, writing letters to editors, making submissions to legislative committees, holding community forums, writing songs of social change, participating in protest demonstrations. Whatever way you choose to put advocacy into action, you will need solid information and sound strategies to assist you.

The BCTF on YouTube

The BCTF joins the YouTube community with videos highlighting public education issues with humour, satire, and irony.

External campaigns and coalitions

The BCTF frequently works in coalition with other groups in support of public education, public services and other important issues congruent with Federation policy. The BCTF has joined or is supporting a number of external campaigns and coalitions.



Coalition building 



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