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Social Justice Conferences

Funding for the Regional Social Justice Conference Fund occurs on a biennial basis. Social Justice Chairs from each local will be notified when funding resumes. These grants are designed to provide funding for social justice conferences to be held throughout the province. The intent behind these grants is to build capacity and support the growth of social justice in a given region. Click here for information and application form for BCTF locals and sublocals or email Christine Stewart, Director of the Professional and Social Issues Division for more information.

Provincial Social Justice Conference 2017

February 10–11, 2017
Radisson Vancouver Airport Hotel

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the BCTF Provincial Social Justice Conference, Equal is Not Enough: Equity and Inclusion for All. We look forward to engaging presentations and discussions led by award-winning author Carmen Aguirre and activist and artist Vanessa Richards. The event also includes a youth panel discussion on equity and inclusion, as well as a number of BCTF social justice workshops. The deadline for registration is January 9, 2017. Please register at your earliest convenience.

Who can attend?
The BCTF will cover the expenses of the following participants:

  • Locals with 1–999 members: 1 Social Justice Contact
  • Locals with over 1,000 members: 2 Social Justice Contacts

Participants are asked to register for the conference online through the BCTF Member Portal. Delegates will need their member ID number and password to log in. Once in, click on “events” at the top of the screen and select “Provincial Social Justice Conference 2017.” If you have any questions, please contact